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We are Blueprint Financial Group

Founded in 1984, Blueprint Financial Group is a true independent investment and financial planning firm built on the foundation of sound ethics, accountability, and deep integrity. We are free from conflicts of interest and are not beholden to any organization, investment company or products. This enables us to guide our clients toward their financial goals with the financial security they consider critical.


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Richard Eller

Founder & President


Our Mission, Values and Motto

Our consistent, long-term approach to investment management means we are not chasing returns nor swayed by temporary headlines. Instead, we focus on disciplined fundamentals of investing and financial planning. Our Founder and President, Richard Eller and his talented team are only interested in helping our clients achieve their financial goals through prudent and structured planning diligently working to help our client’s assets grow consistent with their unique and personal objectives.

We believe your trusted financial advisor is your best friend you have advising you on ways of achieving financial goals. We work solely in the best interest of clients. That is our Fiduciary standard to which we adhere and closely follow. It is simple— Our clients come first. Walt Disney said: “When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.”  We agree.


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